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                                               Livestock wearing  covers, coats  are more healthy, breed better, and grow more expensive wool
                                         Tough Long Lasting  UV fortified Pure Nylon material , that breathes and grows soft clean tipless wool,
                                                           Increases wool price by 55%      Elastic...... at sides, rear and neck.

                     This product is commonly  wrongly named as a Sheep rug , coat, Jacket , Blanket . It is important that it is the verb to Cover as in Car cover.

                                          Rugs are for the floor. Horse rugs are also incorrectly named and should be named as a horse cover only.

Warning!!!!!  washing covers may remove the UV coating. Tumble washing is  possible.  Dry cleaning can remove the Neck stiffeners. Commercial tumble washing is the go. we give no warranty to any washing.                      


                                                   Left: Standard Cover    Right: Maximiser  Tough New "Rangemaster " Pure Nylon material    

                                    Wool Trial Finds covered wool Price increase of 50% using covers

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                                      ...Wool bales sold for $675,000...maybe this man knows the secret to riches    

                                       Angora Goats in covers

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